I love to see Chinese students, they mostly are so cute. They simply try and try, practicing and without a sense of been shy, which allows them to further progress with their language learning. My wife taught Spanish to freshman students at Xiangtan University. After three months or so one of her students called her and I picked the phone. She was speaking to me in Spanish, over the phone ! I was stunned.

The Chinese are eager to teach you their culture, songs and language (I guess it is all part of a culture). They will cheer you up with every little word or otherwise minor effort, let along actual improvement, you make in Chinese. It is easy, in that sense, to learn Chinese while in China. Soon enough one becomes not only familiar but one the culture grows into you, if I can say it that way. Do not take it for granted, aside from the opportunity to travel around China, teach and live there for a year, and making stupendous friends, it is also the chance to start really learning Mandarin.

It will seem like you have learned close to nothing, but as I recall what I knew and what I learned weeks later, and months… one does learn. So… jiayou 加油

Would you try it?